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David Fask in a brown sweater taken outside with blurred trees in the background

My name is David Fask. I'm a licensed psychologist serving Greater Philadelphia and the Main Line, as well as all of Pennsylvania through teletherapy.  I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Virginia, and I went to college on the Main Line at Haverford College.  I specialize in treating adults with careers, families, and often both, who are struggling with anxiety, with low self-esteem, and with navigating many different types of relationships.


I’ve seen it all.  During the course of my experience, I’ve worked in a hospital setting with individuals suffering from trauma and psychosis.  I’ve worked in a domestic violence shelter with individuals fleeing dangerous relationships. I’ve worked in clinics, counseling centers, and evaluation settings with individuals struggling with severe psychopathology.  I’ve worked with military veterans, as well as individuals entangled with the justice system. I’ve also worked with countless intelligent, high achieving people looking to improve their lives but were unsure how to do so.


While I am confident that my expertise and experience can benefit my clients, I believe that therapy is at its best when the approach to treatment is determined jointly by therapist and client.  I view your time in therapy as precious, and this time should be focused on your priorities. I want the work we do together in therapy always to feel important.

Please feel free to get in touch!  I can be reached at 484-222-6436 or

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