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Romantic Relationships

Good relationships take work.  


During the first few weeks, months, and even years of a relationship, you and your partner are are getting to know each other.  Together, you are forming a corpus of shared experiences. But, maybe, there is one topic, or several topics, that you are afraid to broach with your new significant other. Perhaps a past experience that haunts you. Perhaps you get annoyed about one of your partner’s habits, and you know he or she is sensitive about it.


Maybe you and your partner have been together for years and years.  That “spark” may have died. You might not be physically attracted to him or her.  You may find yourselves constantly bickering or fighting. Where do you go from here?  Alternatively, maybe everything in your relationship is smooth, unless you talk about one particular topic. When it comes up, you and your partner find yourselves having the same fight you’ve had 100 times.  You are in a rut and don’t know where to go. It might be a big rut, or it might be a small one, but one that keeps getting tripped over again and again. You’re looking for a new path.


As a licensed clinical psychologist, I can help you chart that path.  We can explore ways to deepen your connection with your partner, whether you’ve been together for 30 days or 30 years.  Working together, we can find ways to help you:


  • Learn how to express your emotions effectively

  • Stop avoiding difficult conversations

  • Engage in conflict fairly with your significant other

  • Engage in conflict productively with your significant other

  • Decrease the intensity of your conflicts

  • Increase your satisfaction with your relationship


Contact me at or 484-222-6436 to learn more.

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