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Ending & Grieving a Relationship

Not all relationships last forever.  In fact, most don’t. When a relationship ends, either through a break-up, divorce, or death, the experience can often be incredibly challenging.  Even if you’re the person who made the decision (or think you want to make that decision), this still doesn’t mean it’s easy. Your lives are intertwined.  You may own a house or have children together. You may be financially or emotionally dependent on your partner or former partner.


Regardless of whether you are the dumpee, the dumper, the widow, or the widower, your life is about to be--or has been--turned completely upside down.   


You’re sad.  You’re lonely.  You’re afraid. You’re hurt.  You question yourself and why you seem to get into situations like this one in the first place.  You may be depressed. Where do you go from here? Your friends and family may be telling you to move on with your life.  But perhaps you just can’t. Or perhaps you thought you could, but realized your happy front was just a sham.


Together, we can work to help you heal in a healthy way.  We can make strategies to:

  • Make difficult, life-changing decisions

  • Acknowledge the sense of pain and loss that others may want you to ignore

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Cope with loneliness

  • Stop blaming yourself


If you’ve found yourself in this kind of slump, why not give me a call at 484-222-6436 or contact me at

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