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Spring Cleaning for Your Mental Health

The Philadelphia area has been hit with four nor'easters this month. School closings and delayed openings have plagued all parents of school-aged children on an almost weekly basis. Despite the chilly weather, spring is coming. The flowers will begin to bloom; coats, hats, and gloves will disappear into the back of the closet.

With spring comes annual cleaning. Outside, there may be gardens to replant and gutters to clean. Inside, freezers are cleaned out and that pile of stuff in the corner of the living room is sorted through.

But spring is also a great time to take stock of your mental health. An emotional spring cleaning allows you to refresh and rejuvenate.

Are you anxious? Stressed? Avoiding difficult conversations? Perhaps you have identified that bad habit that is hampering your well-being. Whether it is taking better care of your body or reducing how much you are comparing yourself to your neighbor, take just a few minutes out of your busy day to strategize about how you can improve your life.

Here are some small steps you can take to rejuvenate:

  • Get into a routine of taking regular walks outside, now that the weather is warming. Go for a walk around the block (or around the trails at the Haverford Reserve) to clear your head.

  • Start (or restart, or restart yet again) a mindfulness practice. Just a few minutes a day can be incredibly calming. I think the Headspace App is a great tool.

  • After the kids go to bed, power down your cell phone, computers, and TV. Get your partner to do the same. Spend one hour talking and connecting. If you partner isn't available, that's OK. Enjoy the solitude. Perhaps pick up that book you've neglected or try journaling.

Between all the workplace or home projects you are undertaking this spring, don't forget to take care of your mental health too.

Are you ready to start working on your emotional spring cleaning? Reach out to me at to schedule a 15 minute free consultation.

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